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Recording of installation. Click for sound

Night Station, 2022, Whitechapel Gallery
Multi-media installation on a 3-minute loop

Materials: Laser cut steel, magnifying plastic, polymer clay, metal wire, faux fur, bacteria cellulose, steel wool, ​3 motors, 3 LED lights, 1 video projection, 1 speaker set, 1 DMX controller.
Dimensions: H 168cm, W 119cm, D 73cm

Further information and interview with Ines Costa:

Similar to a penny arcade puppet show or a phantasmagorial horror show, the installation turns on and off intermittently, forming a strange environment where interconnected winged creatures are called into being, through simple gestures. The puppets are made from a mix of materials including clay and their wings include bacteria cellulose, a material that is grown through a fermentation process using live bacteria. Both in the microbial texture of the wings and the crude movements of their arms, these beings reference a place between the living and the non-living.

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